The Whispering Devils (nightmares)

They come for me at night Eyes closed Eyes closed I enter the darkness Eyes open Can't move I can see everything around me Eyes closed There are sets of red glow everywhere They're getting closer Which ones will show their faces this time Eyes open They're here One standing in the doorway Another against... Continue Reading →


One moon and 17 stars I see Standing calmly Listening as I freeze Please carry me away I don't want to be Lost in the tremors Of soliloquy I want to be floating on waves Of bliss and ecstasy I want to touch new heights Spirit through galaxies... BY OSCAR TORRES LEON


Misconceptions fought off with Misguided aggression Fogging up all seen perceived perceptions Life is a lesson We all live and learn Trust others and get burned That's how the world turns We all don't get what we earn Things are always taken from the individual All past events are now invisible Supposedly we evolved Now... Continue Reading →

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