Misconceptions fought off with Misguided aggression Fogging up all seen perceived perceptions Life is a lesson We all live and learn Trust others and get burned That's how the world turns We all don't get what we earn Things are always taken from the individual All past events are now invisible Supposedly we evolved Now... Continue Reading →


It was only when I slept Where the dreams were never kept The dreams were never meant To be anything more Than a dream to forget And regret the things that are seen Through scenes of shadow and steam Rings of smoke and shuttering frames The blame came from hate untamed Views rearranged By lost... Continue Reading →


Life is fucked up when blood fills the cuts Life is fucked up when a virgin becomes a slut Life is fucked up when liquor turns to tears Tears turn to blood, blood reincarnates once forgotten love Life is fucked up when fears run circles Life is fucked up when you hurt someone who hurts... Continue Reading →


The creator gave us veins Gave us blood The creator gave us pain For a reason The creator wanted us to suffer Before the cries of new-born baby Come the cries of mother The creator gave us a brain So that we may wonder As mankind progresses We will often recess to search of Where... Continue Reading →


He wakes, he’s late For work in the morning Forgot to set the alarm He kept on snoring Arms dangle Stumbling drunk, He scrambles Catches his reflection in the mirror All he sees is an asshole He lingers, bewildered At what became of his figure He begins to shave Knowing the reactions he’ll encounter The... Continue Reading →


What happens to a dream differed When everything you heard Just becomes another bunch of word When everything she said Makes you wish you were dead And the bullshit, Shit! Shit! Just echoes in your head And I am just man Without a wife or a plan A horrible person Obsessed with the hurting Screaming... Continue Reading →


Kill science A mutilated defiance Of altered sense This is now typical Warped minds driving on fine lines Defined by themes that are political Conditioned by the subliminal Messages interpreted by the metaphysical The devil dances with angels But to your eyes This is not visible Illusionary Dreams imagined by fools and fairies Prancing in... Continue Reading →

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