I hate this I wish I could be with you I miss you Your hug, your punch Your tickle I remember all the nights We'd play fight In the bedroom I never thought for a second This would be something That would end soon I wish you knew All the feelings that I felt And... Continue Reading →


(Ring...ring...ring...click) "Hello" (Click...beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep) I'm sorry I had to call and hang up on you I just had to hear your beautiful voice One last time Before you leave me forever I just needed one last memorable hello So I don't have to think about the goodbye And why we could never be together BY OSCAR... Continue Reading →


Every step I take I stop, I take a break And think Should I really walk away? And say That this is Nothing more than a phase But then that empty space In my heart starts to ache Because deep down inside I know it's a mistake To just walk away Another lonely walk I'm... Continue Reading →


When you call me, need me I'm there for you When you need a favor or want something I take care of you I do all that I could do to show I love you Consider you family But when things get flipped around It's just, fuck me! When you called me and said "I... Continue Reading →


I’m just staring down at paper Wishing I could face her Wishing we could be together If not now then later But maybe I don’t deserve her Maybe I should be murdered Maybe I’m just crazy Shouldn’t take this any further Cause maybe she’ll just hurt me She’ll just leave and desert me Maybe I’m... Continue Reading →

GET OUT! (last needle)

You fell on the floor and I picked you up Looked into my eyes and then threw up On my shirt, on my pants, on my shoes, where I stand I’m your lover, I’m your man, I’m your best friend DAMN! You drink too much But I can’t get enough of you, you fill me... Continue Reading →

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