Buying weapons is fun Using weapons gives me pleasure I take guns to make runs to deliver peace I am that beast which howls in the silence Laughing When sounds of tortured yells fill the air Simple because it excites me More stimulating than any other stimulant Drug or otherwise Surprise is the key to entertainment... Continue Reading →


I hate this I wish I could be with you I miss you Your hug, your punch Your tickle I remember all the nights We'd play fight In the bedroom I never thought for a second This would be something That would end soon I wish you knew All the feelings that I felt And... Continue Reading →


Every step I take I stop, I take a break And think Should I really walk away? And say That this is Nothing more than a phase But then that empty space In my heart starts to ache Because deep down inside I know it's a mistake To just walk away Another lonely walk I'm... Continue Reading →


  They'll never know The hardships lived Raising siblings When I was still a kid They'll never know The difficulty in Trying to speak With a speech impediment They'll never know The pain that I had Always being sad Growing up without a real dad They'll never know The struggle inside While always on the... Continue Reading →


People will never know the pain of a man Who tries as he can To drown his sorrow in the bottle of tomorrow Only waiting to follow The next drink in his cup As the blood from his cuts Deepen in his heart He's not smart in what he does But he doesn't give a... Continue Reading →


He wakes, he’s late For work in the morning Forgot to set the alarm He kept on snoring Arms dangle Stumbling drunk, He scrambles Catches his reflection in the mirror All he sees is an asshole He lingers, bewildered At what became of his figure He begins to shave Knowing the reactions he’ll encounter The... Continue Reading →


What happens to a dream differed When everything you heard Just becomes another bunch of word When everything she said Makes you wish you were dead And the bullshit, Shit! Shit! Just echoes in your head And I am just man Without a wife or a plan A horrible person Obsessed with the hurting Screaming... Continue Reading →


I am the muse of habitual abuse The only thing I lose Is myself In the constant neglect I am the cause Of so many goods and wrongs But now I’ve found That I need to seek the truths Of a delinquent youth Turned degenerate man With unsteady hands No immediate plans And the worst... Continue Reading →


Kill science A mutilated defiance Of altered sense This is now typical Warped minds driving on fine lines Defined by themes that are political Conditioned by the subliminal Messages interpreted by the metaphysical The devil dances with angels But to your eyes This is not visible Illusionary Dreams imagined by fools and fairies Prancing in... Continue Reading →


Remember the days we used to sit down afraid To watch the sunset because we thought the light was so distant Remember the days we used to sit down afraid Wanting to run away Knowing we were too scared to go astray Remember the days we used to sit down afraid Crying as we prayed... Continue Reading →

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