Misconceptions fought off with Misguided aggression Fogging up all seen perceived perceptions Life is a lesson We all live and learn Trust others and get burned That's how the world turns We all don't get what we earn Things are always taken from the individual All past events are now invisible Supposedly we evolved Now... Continue Reading →


His name was Vernon Preston Wallace He was born on January 17th From that day on he became a legend He was one of the most loving and genuine gifts To grace this world He had a smile as bright as sunlight And a laugh that could fill a room with joy He could argue... Continue Reading →


Buying weapons is fun Using weapons gives me pleasure I take guns to make runs to deliver peace I am that beast which howls in the silence Laughing When sounds of tortured yells fill the air Simple because it excites me More stimulating than any other stimulant Drug or otherwise Surprise is the key to entertainment... Continue Reading →


I hate this I wish I could be with you I miss you Your hug, your punch Your tickle I remember all the nights We'd play fight In the bedroom I never thought for a second This would be something That would end soon I wish you knew All the feelings that I felt And... Continue Reading →


Day to day Spending time tucked away Loneliness and solitude Living life in the cage What to say Nothing For there is nothing to talk about No happy events Or joyous time spent Just living alone With a mind twisted and bent Talking to myself The wall is my best friend Speaking to inanimate objects... Continue Reading →


( "Hello" (Click...beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep) I'm sorry I had to call and hang up on you I just had to hear your beautiful voice One last time Before you leave me forever I just needed one last memorable hello So I don't have to think about the goodbye And why we could never be together BY OSCAR... Continue Reading →


There is a word that is Hard for every person to say And when said It sometimes relates to A saddened or bad day And if that's the cause It is usually hated To be heard as well as said And for some of us It's a word that we dread It leaves us lost... Continue Reading →


Every step I take I stop, I take a break And think Should I really walk away? And say That this is Nothing more than a phase But then that empty space In my heart starts to ache Because deep down inside I know it's a mistake To just walk away Another lonely walk I'm... Continue Reading →


Last night I held a gun to my head And recited a prayer As I laid down to rest And I thought about what if I pulled this fucking trigger And let off a round of lead I’m not married and I don’t have kids So who will be there? To collect all of my... Continue Reading →


1 Embrace death with open arms Let not its grip slip from hold With echoes of memories Fear it not This is your time Escape Allow the mist to fill you up Drown   It will not blister Bruise or harm It is life that wrinkles Makes you old It is that which lives that... Continue Reading →

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