Do you cry when you're alone? Do you whimper to the sound Of another's voice Pounding fear into your mind Grinding thoughts together Into a dark festival of failures and mishaps Perhaps it's the torment Of the thing that voice belongs to Which places you under a frozen status Of helplessness Crippling you to where... Continue Reading →


Last night I held a gun to my head And recited a prayer As I laid down to rest And I thought about what if I pulled this fucking trigger And let off a round of lead I’m not married and I don’t have kids So who will be there? To collect all of my... Continue Reading →


I just don't know what to say This pain hurts my heart And yet to my dismay Another cat is closing in I see him in her pics again I want to grab him by his skin And tear his ass limb by limb I can't see It's too dark outside my window There's a... Continue Reading →


I am fire and earth The past and the present I am hell's rebirth In the lands of the heavens  I am the night the sky The stars and the planets I am the fright in the eyes Of warriors and bandits I am the air the wind The scents and the odors I am... Continue Reading →


People will never know the pain of a man Who tries as he can To drown his sorrow in the bottle of tomorrow Only waiting to follow The next drink in his cup As the blood from his cuts Deepen in his heart He's not smart in what he does But he doesn't give a... Continue Reading →


Life is emptiness Hallow shells and mental stress Life is craziness Wrapped around by laziness Life is bleeding through the ceiling Coming down with the curtains All the hurting, perversion This pain is only certain Life is fleeting It’s running around shit It’s pivoting Life is that vivid thing That you see when you dream... Continue Reading →


What happened to the light That flickered in the dark What happened to the beat That echoed through his heart What happened to the man Who was always there Guess he was forgotten Guess they didn’t really care He was well aware That their truths were lies He just didn’t give up He still tried... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I go out and party with buddies Sometimes it’s rainy out and the weather is muddy Sometimes I dress up and go to the club Sometimes I stand on the corner looking like a thug Sometimes I go out and play football Sometimes I just wander around a mall Sometimes I just go and... Continue Reading →

Waking (A Short Story)

I wake as darkness is bleeding through the sky, soaking into sponge like clouds burning holes through time. I, restless as I am, crouch up into a sitting position scratching my head as I reach towards the counter. I grab my watch sitting next to an empty bottle of Jameson and glance at the time.... Continue Reading →

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