His name was Vernon Preston Wallace He was born on January 17th From that day on he became a legend He was one of the most loving and genuine gifts To grace this world He had a smile as bright as sunlight And a laugh that could fill a room with joy He could argue... Continue Reading →


I hate this I wish I could be with you I miss you Your hug, your punch Your tickle I remember all the nights We'd play fight In the bedroom I never thought for a second This would be something That would end soon I wish you knew All the feelings that I felt And... Continue Reading →


As I stood in the cemetery, while my friend was being put to ground, many¬†thoughts crossed my mind. Where does the soul go after one is laid to rest? Under this soil lay the bodies of youthful spirits. In many cases taken too suddenly. Should we know when our time is at its end? Would... Continue Reading →


I bleed though the cracks of existence I am air without lift A thought without mind I am a voice without lips I am the words carried with the wind The whispers that find your ear The whimpers that echo through time The hurtful yells that no one heard I am the snapshots of life... Continue Reading →

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