NEVERLAND (the lost dream)

The first time I was there I walked slowly Across the pebble pathway The wind carried a wonderful warm scent of vanilla Raising my head to breathe it in Gazing at the sky The sky a deep orange behind lavender clouds At the end of the pathway sits a house Surrounded by vibrant plants and... Continue Reading →


Do you cry when you're alone? Do you whimper to the sound Of another's voice Pounding fear into your mind Grinding thoughts together Into a dark festival of failures and mishaps Perhaps it's the torment Of the thing that voice belongs to Which places you under a frozen status Of helplessness Crippling you to where... Continue Reading →


One moon and 17 stars I see Standing calmly Listening as I freeze Please carry me away I don't want to be Lost in the tremors Of soliloquy I want to be floating on waves Of bliss and ecstasy I want to touch new heights Spirit through galaxies... BY OSCAR TORRES LEON


His name was Vernon Preston Wallace He was born on January 17th From that day on he became a legend He was one of the most loving and genuine gifts To grace this world He had a smile as bright as sunlight And a laugh that could fill a room with joy He could argue... Continue Reading →


The unconquerable struggle Life can become an inconvenient hustle A brother being hung A brother killing themselves By the tendencies of their own tongue We inhaling too many clouds We killing our lungs And at the same time Too much silence is being sung Humans have a tendency to keep to themselves That they struggling... Continue Reading →


He walks without purpose Sleeps without rest He is hallow The vessel now empty Travels Always in searching For what was lost For what may never be regained A shadow of former self He sacrificed his soul Gifting it to those he loved Only to be forsaken Only to be forgotten A ghost among others... Continue Reading →

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