There is a word that is Hard for every person to say And when said It sometimes relates to A saddened or bad day And if that's the cause It is usually hated To be heard as well as said And for some of us It's a word that we dread It leaves us lost... Continue Reading →


As I stood in the cemetery, while my friend was being put to ground, many┬áthoughts crossed my mind. Where does the soul go after one is laid to rest? Under this soil lay the bodies of youthful spirits. In many cases taken too suddenly. Should we know when our time is at its end? Would... Continue Reading →

Waking (A Short Story)

I wake as darkness is bleeding through the sky, soaking into sponge like clouds burning holes through time. I, restless as I am, crouch up into a sitting position scratching my head as I reach towards the counter. I grab my watch sitting next to an empty bottle of Jameson and glance at the time.... Continue Reading →


I remember what the pain felt like All the lonely nights wishing I could be next to you I remember all the things she used to whisper I told her life's a splinter waiting to get pulled I remember her standing in the doorway Telling me to go away, I don't need this drama I... Continue Reading →

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