I love you Lord, and I pray

Surprised I can still breathe another day

I know I’ve lived a crazy thuggish life

And I trying to get away

I’m trying Lord, that’s what I have to say

Lord there have been many times I’ve come to you

And Lord I know you sigh for the things I’ve done and do

I apologize, forgive me for my mistakes

I know I’ve hurt others and you

By the shaking of my faith

I’m not trying to take Lord

I’m trying to give

I’m not trying to die Lord

I’m trying to live

I’m not trying to kill

I’m trying to protect

I’m not trying to neglect

I’m trying to respect

I’m not trying to hate

I’m trying to love

But it hurts so much

When I don’t feel it from above

I don’t know how many years I have left

Before what comes next

But I hope you accept me

In the hour of my death