As I stood in the cemetery, while my friend was being put to ground, many thoughts crossed my mind. Where does the soul go after one is laid to rest? Under this soil lay the bodies of youthful spirits. In many cases taken too suddenly. Should we know when our time is at its end? Would... Continue Reading →


The unconquerable struggle Life can become an inconvenient hustle A brother being hung A brother killing themselves By the tendencies of their own tongue We inhaling too many clouds We killing our lungs And at the same time Too much silence is being sung Humans have a tendency to keep to themselves That they struggling... Continue Reading →


Life is emptiness Hallow shells and mental stress Life is craziness Wrapped around by laziness Life is bleeding through the ceiling Coming down with the curtains All the hurting, perversion This pain is only certain Life is fleeting It’s running around shit It’s pivoting Life is that vivid thing That you see when you dream... Continue Reading →


Life is fucked up when blood fills the cuts Life is fucked up when a virgin becomes a slut Life is fucked up when liquor turns to tears Tears turn to blood, blood reincarnates once forgotten love Life is fucked up when fears run circles Life is fucked up when you hurt someone who hurts... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I go out and party with buddies Sometimes it’s rainy out and the weather is muddy Sometimes I dress up and go to the club Sometimes I stand on the corner looking like a thug Sometimes I go out and play football Sometimes I just wander around a mall Sometimes I just go and... Continue Reading →


Remember the days we used to sit down afraid To watch the sunset because we thought the light was so distant Remember the days we used to sit down afraid Wanting to run away Knowing we were too scared to go astray Remember the days we used to sit down afraid Crying as we prayed... Continue Reading →

Nothing to lose

I've got nothing to lose From the things in life we choose After all the cost and dues I've got nothing to lose I have everything to gain Blood, pleasure and pain Hoping that someone Remembers my name I've been through the rocky realm Know as life's reality Getting kicked in the face As things come... Continue Reading →

The Dying Rose

There lives a flower Inside of me But that flower is dying Slowly  and  silently First its foundation was corrupted Back when I was three Everything was plummeting Down into my minds sea Then is started to dry up And became weak My emotions were thrown into a dump My minds sea began to leak Then... Continue Reading →

Prayers To The Wall (short story)

I grew up on the backside of the wall. That’s what we called it because all the pretty stuff was on the front like America, and then there were us, people like me. We were the ignorant and impatient. People like me don’t wait; we play for life while death stands back waiting for us.... Continue Reading →

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