I am fire and earth The past and the present I am hell's rebirth In the lands of the heavens  I am the night the sky The stars and the planets I am the fright in the eyes Of warriors and bandits I am the air the wind The scents and the odors I am... Continue Reading →


  They'll never know The hardships lived Raising siblings When I was still a kid They'll never know The difficulty in Trying to speak With a speech impediment They'll never know The pain that I had Always being sad Growing up without a real dad They'll never know The struggle inside While always on the... Continue Reading →


The appearance of disparity They know not of the clarity I did It was me I wasn’t wanted there anymore It’s ok This usually happens Sooner or later They realize the chaos That comes with my presence The curse that I carry I blame no one Only myself They are innocent For I am a... Continue Reading →


He walks without purpose Sleeps without rest He is hallow The vessel now empty Travels Always in searching For what was lost For what may never be regained A shadow of former self He sacrificed his soul Gifting it to those he loved Only to be forsaken Only to be forgotten A ghost among others... Continue Reading →


I’m just staring down at paper Wishing I could face her Wishing we could be together If not now then later But maybe I don’t deserve her Maybe I should be murdered Maybe I’m just crazy Shouldn’t take this any further Cause maybe she’ll just hurt me She’ll just leave and desert me Maybe I’m... Continue Reading →


It starts with a cigarette Pressed to his lips Held between finger tips He’s nervous Fidgets, knees weak You’re up Tosses butt Walks across stage With confidence that isn’t real Carries himself well for a wreck They don’t know that two hours ago He held a gun to his head Glances at crowd of lit... Continue Reading →


I am one with all Yet feel disconnected Feet travel across my varied flesh You alter my foundations For your convenience Taking my willing offers Beyond limitations I am your waste basket Tissue for your tears Holder of your weight The frame of all that is frigid Yet always burning deep down inside Knowing you... Continue Reading →

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