There once was a child Who knew not of his origin Yet was born Into misery and depression He had not the heart of a killer But was conditioned to believe so And as a consequence He never experienced emotions Or knew of their existence Until he knew of the existence of others He became... Continue Reading →


There’s not much to do in here Pins crash like two vehicles colliding As memories bump and bounce back into each other Of what brought me to this confinement Of what was wrong And why I did it Why did I do it, why? Why did I expose myself? I should have kept it all... Continue Reading →

You Were A Dream

You were a dream for what it seemed Your eyes bled love I always wanted flowing through me You said you love me And for once in my life I believed those words Every time we kissed I felt lively enough to take on the world Yelling bring it on world, give me what you... Continue Reading →


I wish I knew how to control these feelings The pressure is tearing my heart in half Even if I continue to smoke blunts Take puffs into a misty dump I can’t forget this pain that I have All the clouds in the light And the blue in the sky Can just die because I... Continue Reading →

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