THE INDIVIDUAL What does the individual mean to the world, to you? Tell me, what does the individual Mean to the individual, Can you tell me that? I remember a man Who used to walk around his neighborhood, Smoking a pipe, Carrying two loaded guns with extra clips And lips that never move, This man... Continue Reading →


Day to day Spending time tucked away Loneliness and solitude Living life in the cage What to say Nothing For there is nothing to talk about No happy events Or joyous time spent Just living alone With a mind twisted and bent Talking to myself The wall is my best friend Speaking to inanimate objects... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I go out and party with buddies Sometimes it’s rainy out and the weather is muddy Sometimes I dress up and go to the club Sometimes I stand on the corner looking like a thug Sometimes I go out and play football Sometimes I just wander around a mall Sometimes I just go and... Continue Reading →


He wakes, he’s late For work in the morning Forgot to set the alarm He kept on snoring Arms dangle Stumbling drunk, He scrambles Catches his reflection in the mirror All he sees is an asshole He lingers, bewildered At what became of his figure He begins to shave Knowing the reactions he’ll encounter The... Continue Reading →


He’s trying to find his destiny and fate Right now he’s wishing he made more mistakes Because he’s a bastard and his anger is like a cancer And the world is a lymphatic system for him to spread his shit Cause people when they meet you They know that you be cool For the most... Continue Reading →

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