He wakes, he’s late For work in the morning Forgot to set the alarm He kept on snoring Arms dangle Stumbling drunk, He scrambles Catches his reflection in the mirror All he sees is an asshole He lingers, bewildered At what became of his figure He begins to shave Knowing the reactions he’ll encounter The... Continue Reading →

GET OUT! (last needle)

You fell on the floor and I picked you up Looked into my eyes and then threw up On my shirt, on my pants, on my shoes, where I stand I’m your lover, I’m your man, I’m your best friend DAMN! You drink too much But I can’t get enough of you, you fill me... Continue Reading →

Waking (A Short Story)

I wake as darkness is bleeding through the sky, soaking into sponge like clouds burning holes through time. I, restless as I am, crouch up into a sitting position scratching my head as I reach towards the counter. I grab my watch sitting next to an empty bottle of Jameson and glance at the time.... Continue Reading →

Crippled Mind

I can't think I can't sleep The stress is too deep I'm drowning in a river Filled with Liquor It's my liver It's my kidneys It's my heart Feeling like Skin peeling Off my face Ripped apart It's tucked away It's in the dark Places where I play Find another opening Where focus means A... Continue Reading →

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