I am fire and earth The past and the present I am hell's rebirth In the lands of the heavens  I am the night the sky The stars and the planets I am the fright in the eyes Of warriors and bandits I am the air the wind The scents and the odors I am... Continue Reading →


I am one with all Yet feel disconnected Feet travel across my varied flesh You alter my foundations For your convenience Taking my willing offers Beyond limitations I am your waste basket Tissue for your tears Holder of your weight The frame of all that is frigid Yet always burning deep down inside Knowing you... Continue Reading →


Kill science A mutilated defiance Of altered sense This is now typical Warped minds driving on fine lines Defined by themes that are political Conditioned by the subliminal Messages interpreted by the metaphysical The devil dances with angels But to your eyes This is not visible Illusionary Dreams imagined by fools and fairies Prancing in... Continue Reading →


Blessed are the stressed Trying to get it together But life doesn’t come with switches and levers Change is inevitable Time is unstoppable Knowledge is regrettable Violent action is just a reaction To the ebb and flow Hearts in tow To know thy self Is the real goal I now bestow to you a gift... Continue Reading →


I bleed though the cracks of existence I am air without lift A thought without mind I am a voice without lips I am the words carried with the wind The whispers that find your ear The whimpers that echo through time The hurtful yells that no one heard I am the snapshots of life... Continue Reading →


Murderous thoughts Flowing through my veins My brain draws death cards And plays deadly games Contained by a cage Of bones and cells of flesh Organs altered Turned upside down and made a mess Depressing heart beating blows Against my feeble wounded skins Staggering against The cold sanded force of sin Which begins to remove... Continue Reading →

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