Last night I held a gun to my head And recited a prayer As I laid down to rest And I thought about what if I pulled this fucking trigger And let off a round of lead I’m not married and I don’t have kids So who will be there? To collect all of my... Continue Reading →


1 Embrace death with open arms Let not its grip slip from hold With echoes of memories Fear it not This is your time Escape Allow the mist to fill you up Drown   It will not blister Bruise or harm It is life that wrinkles Makes you old It is that which lives that... Continue Reading →


Now let us bow our heads for a moment of silence And so the silence came Yet you could still hear the faint whimpers The streams of tears dripping from mournful cheeks And the deep exhales Of broken hearts This silence could have been avoided If only someone had broken the silence If only someone... Continue Reading →


I just don't know what to say This pain hurts my heart And yet to my dismay Another cat is closing in I see him in her pics again I want to grab him by his skin And tear his ass limb by limb I can't see It's too dark outside my window There's a... Continue Reading →


And I will wait For my fate And what God will decide On his steps Where I crept Where I slept Where I wept Where I sighed And released all of my tears And it is here Where I confessed to the lord All of my fears And here that I said All the blood... Continue Reading →


The horrified cries Which lie beneath the sentence I arise, surprise And exterminate human senses Counting the blessings That were stolen from my grasp Hid my feelings and emotions Locked behind a mask Harassing those deemed criminals Who have become my enemies Assaulting them with my minds thoughts Removing internal extremities Incredibly my onslaught Brings... Continue Reading →


He wakes up in the morning In a cold empty concrete cell Standing behind bars Like they were the gates of hell Nowhere near the luxury of jail Food so shitty He lusts for a happy meal Life is a crazy deal Tomorrow he'll be walking the mile After sitting on death row For two... Continue Reading →


I am fire and earth The past and the present I am hell's rebirth In the lands of the heavens  I am the night the sky The stars and the planets I am the fright in the eyes Of warriors and bandits I am the air the wind The scents and the odors I am... Continue Reading →


When you call me, need me I'm there for you When you need a favor or want something I take care of you I do all that I could do to show I love you Consider you family But when things get flipped around It's just, fuck me! When you called me and said "I... Continue Reading →


  They'll never know The hardships lived Raising siblings When I was still a kid They'll never know The difficulty in Trying to speak With a speech impediment They'll never know The pain that I had Always being sad Growing up without a real dad They'll never know The struggle inside While always on the... Continue Reading →

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