THE INDIVIDUAL What does the individual mean to the world, to you? Tell me, what does the individual Mean to the individual, Can you tell me that? I remember a man Who used to walk around his neighborhood, Smoking a pipe, Carrying two loaded guns with extra clips And lips that never move, This man... Continue Reading →


The New Guard He felt an odd sensation come over him as he walked in. Something like swimming in the sea alone. Welcome. My name is Gary Peirce. I am the head guard here, I'll be showing you the ropes today. He extends his arm towards Joseph. How do you know I'm the new guard?... Continue Reading →


As I stood in the cemetery, while my friend was being put to ground, many thoughts crossed my mind. Where does the soul go after one is laid to rest? Under this soil lay the bodies of youthful spirits. In many cases taken too suddenly. Should we know when our time is at its end? Would... Continue Reading →

Waking (A Short Story)

I wake as darkness is bleeding through the sky, soaking into sponge like clouds burning holes through time. I, restless as I am, crouch up into a sitting position scratching my head as I reach towards the counter. I grab my watch sitting next to an empty bottle of Jameson and glance at the time.... Continue Reading →

Prayers To The Wall (short story)

I grew up on the backside of the wall. That’s what we called it because all the pretty stuff was on the front like America, and then there were us, people like me. We were the ignorant and impatient. People like me don’t wait; we play for life while death stands back waiting for us.... Continue Reading →

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