The Whispering Devils (nightmares)

They come for me at night

Eyes closed

Eyes closed

I enter the darkness

Eyes open

Can’t move

I can see everything around me

Eyes closed

There are sets of red glow everywhere

They’re getting closer

Which ones will show their faces this time

Eyes open

They’re here

One standing in the doorway

Another against the wall

Another sitting on the floor

Eyes closed

Back in the darkness

Trying to find light

Trying to find a dream

Trying to find my dream

Pressure on my chest

I can’t breathe

Something is on top of me

Eyes open

One’s choking me

Blood streams from his eyes

Trying to fight back

They whisper

“Come back to us”

“You can’t have her”

“Come back to us”

“You’ll never find her”

“Come back to us”

“Come home”

I try to scream

Try to wake up

Nothings coming out

Just low grunts

I manage to get an arm moving

I take his eye


He releases

Drifts off

Eyes closed

I catch my breath

Eyes open

The other two are still there

The one on the floor

Small and pudgy


Feasting on what looks like human flesh

The one by the wall

Tall and slender

Female like in figure

Inching towards me

Both staring

I rise

Move towards them

I Start screaming

Leave now! Let me fucking Sleep! Get out!

They slowly drift off

I feel weak

Turn around

I see my body

Shit! I have to get back in my body

I crawl back to it

Eyes closed

Eyes open

Eyes open

I check the time

It’s only been fifteen minutes

Since I laid down

It’s only been fifteen minutes

I just want to sleep

Neck hurts

Better wash this blood off


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