Do you cry when you’re alone?

Do you whimper to the sound

Of another’s voice

Pounding fear into your mind

Grinding thoughts together

Into a dark festival of failures and mishaps

Perhaps it’s the torment

Of the thing that voice belongs to

Which places you under a frozen status

Of helplessness

Crippling you to where you’re eyes

Can see nothing more than a lost soul

Drooling it’s saliva of existence

Into a pool of nothing

Do you cry when you’re alone?

Do you perspirate in cowardice

Under a dark and frightening figure

As if you were swimming in the sun

Under the flaming humidity

Of a summer’s eve

Drinking from a sultry glass

The hot sizzling liquid magma

Of which is a cool drink

Raising the ever so rising temperature

Of fearful containment

Fanning out ever so slightly

Through the cracks of your character

Which you call bravery

Do you cry when you’re alone?

Do you spit, spew and vomit to

A gut full of tainted emotions

To the taste of unforgivable madness

The sickening germs of morality and compassion

Feeling the sting of confused love

A returned ring

Feeding the rage in your heart

As you sink your teeth into

A sweet a bloody liquor-ish whip

Which bites into the flesh of a child

Who begins to feel his hot urine

Stream down his hills of innocence

Do you cry when you’re alone?

Do you go to bed awake at night

Only to fall asleep in the morning

To dream of the small contained room

Filled with the screeching yells

Of your child’s voice

With echoing sounds of blood

Dripping on the floor

Splattering on the wall

The ripping of tearing flesh

Of a cracking whip

Against weak feeble skins

The smell of sour sweat

Hot liquor breath

Urine and sickening musk

To hear yourself saying

“I do it because I love you!”

When it was really

“I do it because I hate me!”

Waking to the visions of a floor

Made a pool of blood, beer and sweat

And a bloody sobbing boy who


Always there when you open your eyes

To remind you how you ruined

What could have been

A beautiful father and son relationship!







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