Misconceptions fought off with

Misguided aggression

Fogging up all seen perceived perceptions

Life is a lesson

We all live and learn

Trust others and get burned

That’s how the world turns

We all don’t get what we earn

Things are always taken from the individual

All past events are now invisible

Supposedly we evolved

Now everything is digital

Now getting up from a cushion

Is work that’s too physical

The world is falling apart

I’m starting to get a visual

I see catastrophe in hand sized packages

Like bricks through windows

I see bodies stacked in masses

Like magma fire in a devils soul

I see savages that think they are gods

Pounding away at civilians with iron rods

What happened to the little kids

Who used to play with dogs

Guess they grew up

Started hanging out with the wrong crowd of mobs

The wimpy ones

Who run away from hogs

The ones who said they were driven

But only became pawns

The ones that got smoked

Because they fell into the fog

The ones who said they knew where they were going

But always ended up lost…



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