His name was Vernon Preston Wallace

He was born on January 17th

From that day on he became a legend

He was one of the most loving and genuine gifts

To grace this world

He had a smile as bright as sunlight

And a laugh that could fill a room with joy

He could argue with the best of them

And man did he make some awesome chilli

Every soul he touched was blessed

When others walked away

He never turned his back on me

He only pulled me closer

He knew all my truths and all my secrets

He understood the whys and how’s

Of what I did

And never looked down on me

I will remember all the long conversations

All the gaming sessions

All the times out

All the laughs and jokes

All the tears

All the warm embraces

And all the memories shared

He meant so much to me

He was more than just a friend

He was a father

He was a brother

He knows how much I loved him

And how much I will miss him

And rather than say goodbye

I will say

See you later

He was more than just a man

He was a hero

He was a savior


This poem is dedicated to the memory of Vernon Preston Wallace. May the world be brighter with the light he left behind.



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