I just don’t know what to say

This pain hurts my heart

And yet to my dismay

Another cat is closing in

I see him in her pics again

I want to grab him by his skin

And tear his ass limb by limb

I can’t see

It’s too dark outside my window

There’s a blind war going on

I’m stuck up in the middle

The woman wants me dead

The sad man plays his fiddle

She doesn’t want to offend me

But those wants mean so little

Love is such a riddle

It has vexed me so

I love her so much yet

Her feelings are unknown

Just another puff of smoke

Behind curtains show

Another silent ringtone

On an unanswered phone

I’m a TOYS-R-US kid people

I haven’t grown

I still jump rope

And skip when I walk home

I grew up all alone

And my home feels so empty

Everything with a pair of legs

Turned around and left me

I was too intimidating

Too serious, too deadly

Because of twisted perceptions

They viewed me as unfriendly

Then he said

You weren’t meant to be

You should have died a still birth

Drowned while in the sea

As long as you live

Your existence defies me

The devil’s a comedian

I don’t believe him

Lets just see then

Who is trapped and who is free

You took breath from my lungs

But I can still breathe

I took your bumps and bruising

Your hurt and abusing

I’ve had enough of it


I’m tired of the games and shit

I want it all to quit


I want to start all over

This is my world, my life

I’m the controller

Of my will

I no longer want to kill

For I have an empty heart to fill

Forget the liquor and the pills

I hate the medication still

So if I’m ill then I will deal

Just as long as my heart heals

I’d like to hold her once again

But to what end?

A lover?

A friend?

Play for real

No more pretend

Hoping all the dark can end

To see the light

And sun shining

Close my eyes

And count to ten

Wishing for my heaven

Will it make the darkness end?

When will all the darkness end?


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