Embrace death with open arms

Let not its grip slip from hold

With echoes of memories

Fear it not

This is your time


Allow the mist to fill you up



It will not blister

Bruise or harm

It is life that wrinkles

Makes you old

It is that which lives that gives to rot

Embrace it


The reaper will always plow the fields

You are warmer now

Existence is cold

Let those fears of pain be forgot

Born to die

This is our fate

Kneel to hades

Wear his crown

Open wide

Embrace death


Listen to these pounding cries

To thee from tortured souls arise

Listen to thy master’s bellow

Know you well but not thy fellow


Liquid warmth kiss cold hard faces

Now escaped from natural places

Thoughts scattered round pondered mind

Ask if this fate will soon be thine


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