He wakes up in the morning

In a cold empty concrete cell

Standing behind bars

Like they were the gates of hell

Nowhere near the luxury of jail

Food so shitty

He lusts for a happy meal

Life is a crazy deal

Tomorrow he’ll be walking the mile

After sitting on death row

For two years

It’s been a while

Since he got his sentence

For having a dirty file

But he is at peace

Death is such a relief

He can’t take life in the cage

Everyone there is filled with fury and rage

Wish he could turn another page

But his story is at the end

Of the final chapter in the book

Started out as a crook

Got hooked on selling drugs

And taking out thugs

Went to standing in a lineup

While they took pictures of his mug

Sitting in trial

They got DNA evidence from his car rugs

While the judge claimed

Life foe life is not enough

Unless they take his life

That was the verdict, final

Now things are just

Went to the cage

A maximum security prison

A place where you look around

And see no friends, only villains

Even inside

There have been a few killings

One inmate gutted out another


Watching the blood fill in

The cracks of the concrete

One guy got his throat slit

Before going to sleep

Another thought he was cleaver

Tried to escape through a laundry heap

Trying to climb over electrical fences

Fell to his death

Couldn’t hold on, he was too weak

Cowards gang raped in showers

for hours

runners being shot by snipers

In high towers

Even the strongest there

Can lose all of their power

In his final minutes

He cowards in his cell

Sitting, praying for a final miracle

But that’s enough, the glass is broken

His cell door opens

At the burial they’ll be quoting

His last words spoken

Strapped into the electrical hot seat

No blind fold, eyes open, He peaks

They recite a speech as he still speaks

Flipping the switch, now he’s feeling the heat

Spitting from the mouth

While he screams and screams

And screams and shouts

Things went black

That’s it

Lights out

But he was innocent



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