When you call me, need me

I’m there for you

When you need a favor or want something

I take care of you

I do all that I could do to show I love you

Consider you family

But when things get flipped around

It’s just, fuck me!

When you called me and said

“I wish I was dead

I comforted you

Put some sense back in your head

When you called me

And asked me for some help

I was there for you

More than happy to lend you the wealth

When you need me to be there

To give you a ride

I looked at you, threw the keys

Gave you my ride

When you needed me

To get you out of jail

I took the rap, got locked up

And paid for your bail

When you needed a place

To stay and to sleep

I gave you my apartment

Paid the rent for six months and two weeks

On Christmas

When you had no money for gifts

I dressed up as Santa

Delivered toys to your kids

When you asked me

To buy you a pound of meat

I went out and bought groceries

So your whole family could eat

On New Year’s Eve

When you got drunk and stoned

I was the one considerate enough

To take you home

When you didn’t want to be seen

Because you had nothing to wear

I bought you clothes and shoes

Faded up your hair

I was always kind and helpful

Never treated you unfair

No matter whom you were at the time

I was always there

But soon you would show

Your colors and be true

What you all would do

Is say “stupid, I used you

I fooled you

Tricked you to love me!”

Feels like the world turned around

Stuck up it’s middle finger

Fuck me


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