The unconquerable struggle

Life can become an inconvenient hustle

A brother being hung

A brother killing themselves

By the tendencies of their own tongue

We inhaling too many clouds

We killing our lungs

And at the same time

Too much silence is being sung

Humans have a tendency to keep to themselves

That they struggling mentally

Not asking for help

Physically turning to the hustling ways

I lost two of my dogs to two bullets

In two days

Two grieving mothers

Mourning over two graves

Sold coke in kilos

While they snorted two trays

And constantly

They were tapping their wrist

Took too much liquid

Taken through the syringe

Veins in their arms

Popping up under their skin

People in the world

Are losing too many friends

Struggling and living in sin

It doesn’t end

Just an ongoing trend

Where the shit leave off

Is where the shit begins


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