Life is emptiness

Hallow shells and mental stress

Life is craziness

Wrapped around by laziness

Life is bleeding through the ceiling

Coming down with the curtains

All the hurting, perversion

This pain is only certain

Life is fleeting

It’s running around shit

It’s pivoting

Life is that vivid thing

That you see when you dream

Life is what we’re taking

It’s what we destroy

Life is electronics, gadgets, internet, toys

Life is obsession

With meaningless possessions

Life is lonely, it’s cold to me

It’s depressing

Life is second guessing, it’s regretting

Life is back tracking, it’s back stabbing

Windows smashed and grabbing

Error code, life is lagging

It drags in body bags

Life is what we love

But it makes us so sad

Life is mad, it’s angry

Frustrating, it’s rage

Life is suicide

Written on a single page

To be specific, life is horrific

It’s watching a friend die

From a short distance

Life is in the street with empty stomach

Holding a cup

Life is going down

Murder what’s going up

Life is an orphan pup

Life is high, life is drunk

Life is throwing up

When you’ve had too much

And as such

Life is clearly dear to me

No matter how it seems to be

And I will fight for my right

To see light in the misery


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