The appearance of disparity

They know not of the clarity

I did

It was me

I wasn’t wanted there anymore

It’s ok

This usually happens

Sooner or later

They realize the chaos

That comes with my presence

The curse that I carry

I blame no one

Only myself

They are innocent

For I am a bastard

And I feel horrible

For the damnation that follows me

Yet people follow me

For better or worse

And I am the worst

So for them

I must better myself

So I do not drag them

Down into the hollows with me

No, I must uplift them

As they uplift me

I must show them

My gratefulness for their loyalty

By taking them higher

I’m sorry for the loved ones I lost

Because of my selfishness

Because of my stupidity

I hope they can forgive me

I wish I was better for them then

But I will keep trying

To be better for them now

Tomorrow and onward

And I’m sorry for the suffering

That they had endured

Of watching a man they loved

Become a monster they feared

I’m sorry M…

For however I wronged you

I’m sorry


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