I’m just staring down at paper

Wishing I could face her

Wishing we could be together

If not now then later

But maybe I don’t deserve her

Maybe I should be murdered

Maybe I’m just crazy

Shouldn’t take this any further

Cause maybe she’ll just hurt me

She’ll just leave and desert me

Maybe I’m just flirting with death

Just a little too early

Cause maybe I’m unworthy

Of the angel who stood before me

Maybe I’m just tired

Maybe I’m just horny

Maybe I’m too high

Maybe I need drink

Crack another 40

Keep the liquor pouring

Maybe I’m being foolish

Maybe I’m just failing

Maybe my soul needs saving

Maybe my heart is craving

Something better than another catastrophe

Maybe I’m being needy

Maybe I’m being greedy

Maybe I want a relationship

One that’s more than exploratory

One that’s more than me

Sea-saw diving into the cavities

Of a woman’s anatomy

Maybe this is just another repetitive story

Of a broken shattered man without glory


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