There once was a child

Who knew not of his origin

Yet was born

Into misery and depression

He had not the heart of a killer

But was conditioned to believe so

And as a consequence

He never experienced emotions

Or knew of their existence

Until he knew of the existence of others

He became an onlooker

Watching others interact with each other

This to him

Became a sport of spectating

And after watching others displaying emotions

This lonely child yearned to feel those emotions

He wanted to experience something

Other than pain

Something other than fear

Years past and this child

Yet still a child, but not quite

Made a decision

He decided that his sole purpose in living

Is to find a love of his own

A love that would love him back

For he saw no other reason for living

No other light in darkness

He aged into a young adult

Whose first findings in his search

Led him to believe

That none could love him back

Or love him as much as he would love them

He thought that he was worthless

Then diving into drugs

Altering him mentally and physically

Discovering the hazards of what he was doing

Ultimately deciding to give his search

A few last tries

Before his expiration

He had no hopes in finding love

For this child was in such pain

When it just so happened

That this child, this adult

Stumbled upon something

And in that stumble he fell in love

With a girl who was on a similar search

Spending time with her had awoken his emotions

He finally found his joy and happiness

Then on a faithful night

He heard her speak words he’d thought he’d never hear

I love you

And it was then that he knew

That she was the one he wanted a life with

The only one he wanted to be with

He did not want to live without her

He cannot live without her

He made a promise…But

Will she promise the same


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