Sometimes I go out and party with buddies

Sometimes it’s rainy out and the weather is muddy

Sometimes I dress up and go to the club

Sometimes I stand on the corner looking like a thug

Sometimes I go out and play football

Sometimes I just wander around a mall

Sometimes I just go and get high

Sometimes I stand on the edge thinking I can fly

Sometimes I sit and wonder why

Sometimes I pray to the lord

Sometimes I suicidally play with a sword

Sometimes I hit myself when I’m angry

Sometimes I surprise people and buy them something fancy

Sometimes I just give people all of my money

Sometimes I burn money because I think it’s funny

Sometimes I walk down the street kicking a can

Sometimes I walk into an alley and stab a man

Sometimes I look in the mirror and cut myself

Sometimes I think about how I fucked up my health

Sometimes I drink liquor til my liver can’t take it

Sometimes I push myself but don’t quite make it

Sometimes the only color I see is red

Sometimes I shake from all the blood that I shed

Sometimes I scream and yell at the wall

Sometimes I stand at the top of some stairs and just fall

Sometimes I try to kick myself in the ass

Sometimes I run through the house and shatter glass

Sometimes I bounce off the concrete

Sometimes I cook dinner and won’t eat

Sometimes I run around in circles

Sometimes I run away because I don’t want to hurt you

Sometimes I dream about scary things

Sometimes I have hope for what tomorrow brings

Sometimes I want to love someone

Sometimes I sit playing with a loaded gun

Sometimes I play Russian roulette

Sometimes I use three instead of one bullet

Sometimes I’m as happy as could be

Sometimes tragedy just gets to me

Sometimes I get headaches from thinking too much

Sometimes I run from cops just for the rush

Sometimes I get in trouble for driving around

Sometimes I paint my face and act like a clown

Sometimes I get locked up

Sometimes I don’t give a fuck

Sometimes I can’t see your face

Sometimes I end up in the wrong place

Sometimes I just sit on the curb

Sometimes I stutter and can’t pronounce any words

Sometimes I do favors for a friend

Sometimes I wonder when it’s all going to end

Sometimes the sun shines

Sometimes I have a peaceful mind

Sometimes I think that life is great

Sometimes life is the only thing I hate

Sometimes people actually love me

Sometimes when I’m alone I wish I had someone to hug me

Sometimes the street lights turn yellow

Sometimes life is pleasant in this hell hole

Sometimes the heavy smoke blurs my vision

Sometimes I have trouble making a decision

Sometimes the sky is dark and cloudy

Sometimes the thunder rumbles too loudly

Sometimes I’m sad and can’t control my emotions

Sometimes I wish I had a happy potion

Sometimes I can’t let go

Sometimes I just don’t know

Sometimes I think about the sometimes

Sometimes I wonder what lies between the sometimes


Sometimes it makes me wonder,

How I keep from going under,

All this pain that I suffer,

And my constant blunders,

And I,

Don’t know if I’ll make it out alive?

I don’t know if I’ll make it out alive?


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