The creator gave us veins

Gave us blood

The creator gave us pain

For a reason

The creator wanted us to suffer

Before the cries of new-born baby

Come the cries of mother

The creator gave us a brain

So that we may wonder

As mankind progresses

We will often recess to search of

Where is the beginning?

Where is the beginning?

The beginning lies

Under craters of catastrophe

Evolving sin

Murder, adultery and blasphemy


Now far more warped

Than fantasy

A single apple gave not power

But deceit

Mankind became a fire

That hungered for more heat

For from our creators gift

We’ve only learned

To create a greater suffering

On this football field of dreams

We keep on fumbling

From spear to dagger

To sword to guillotine

To revolver, shotgun

Assault rifle, laser beam

Missiles and bombs

And nuclear sleeping pills



From simple to land, sea, air

To war with chemi-KILLS

All media was born

By the great forms of specti-KILLS our great inventions

Gave greater purpose to medi-KILL

And yet with that

We do not see

That greater suffering

Isn’t what we need

We were meant to find

The word defined

By the creators gift

But love never came to mind

Of why we all exist

That’s why we toss love

In the same river that we piss

Why we rub salt

In a scared man’s wounds

Why we pour liquor

Over sacred land tombs

Creator now angered

Will give us what we want

Sitting across the line

Of the battle being fought

Delivering all destruction

Giving in to what we crave

Souls set aflame

To engulf our human frames

Letting our hunger devour us

Eating us alive

In the end

We become cannibalistic


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