I am the muse of habitual abuse

The only thing I lose

Is myself

In the constant neglect

I am the cause

Of so many goods and wrongs

But now I’ve found

That I need to seek the truths

Of a delinquent youth

Turned degenerate man

With unsteady hands

No immediate plans

And the worst is

Trying to find truth in purpose

Choking on all the pressure

When I know I should do better

But I’m just dancing here with devils

And the addictions that I wrestle

Wondering where the days went

I’m complacent in a basement

Face bent

Cause I’m turnt and burnt

From all the alcohol and work

Here circling my thumbs

Trying to find my worth

What the fuck am I supposed to do

When everything that I fucking knew

Went out the door

Just like…


As the leaves rustle with the wind

And the crickets sound to the night

I find solace

Staring to the sky

As stars peak through the mist of clouds

Knowing how insignificant

I am to the universe,

There’s beauty in that


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