Kill science

A mutilated defiance

Of altered sense

This is now typical

Warped minds driving on fine lines

Defined by themes that are political

Conditioned by the subliminal

Messages interpreted by the metaphysical

The devil dances with angels

But to your eyes

This is not visible


Dreams imagined by fools and fairies

Prancing in prairies

Tutting flutes

Singing songs to Ares

But when Lares broke his lute

The unbuckled boot plotted for revenge

Like vengeance for a friend

Bonded to the end

But then again

Bonds break when stressed

As a sword pierces a chest

When the king is at his best

And watch the prince confess to the slaying

Am I making any sense?

Tell me,

What am I saying?

Or are these just more of the ramblings

Of man with grape locks and teal tee

Salty cheeks

Holding on to memories

With tight grip around bottle of whiskey

As he ponders;


I would do it all over again with no hesitation

I would endure all the pain

All the tragedy

All the heartache

Just for those wonderful moments

Where the world is but an oyster in your palm

And love is the only pearl worth finding

And when they ask me, was it all worth it?



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