What happens to a dream differed

When everything you heard

Just becomes another bunch of word

When everything she said

Makes you wish you were dead

And the bullshit, Shit! Shit!

Just echoes in your head

And I am just man

Without a wife or a plan

A horrible person

Obsessed with the hurting

Screaming and cursing

I was always burping blood

Spitting on the curtains

When I’m just burning blunt

Hooked on his own stuff

I remember all the foolish thugs

Buried because

They were unhappy with their lives

Didn’t give a fuck

About depressing times

Pressing minds to commit crimes

And so called acts of passion

When passion was never lasting

Concepts never grasped

And the reign was never passed

A mouth never gasped

At huger across the maps

And masses lay in heaps

In unjustified sleep

While their loved ones weep

Because of one man’s demented beliefs

When signs become an excuse

Of parental abuse

Costing a child’s life

The media is perfuse

Tragedy and hatred is used

To cue ratings to boost

Truths become skewed

While enticing more violence

And dreams that were once dreamt

Are over shadowed by realities of horrific events

The mind becomes tense

With tremors that shake one’s conscience

And we are once again left with silence


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