There’s not much to do in here

Pins crash like two vehicles colliding

As memories bump and bounce back into each other

Of what brought me to this confinement

Of what was wrong

And why I did it

Why did I do it, why?

Why did I expose myself?

I should have kept it all inside

Those open confessions locked me away

Saying I love you isn’t always a good thing

Love will turn on you

And for loving you will be hated

I loved her

She hated me

But only on from the moment of knowing

For once she knew

The HI’s became walk byes

With authority

Making a statement of

I don’t know you, you never existed to me

Now I didn’t

Not even to myself

I’m trapped by my love

I’m serving a forever sentence

For the crime of falling in love

Because in this age that act has become a crime

It’s a crime to cherish the idea of

Being with one person

Have and hold on to

You have to see and experience as many souls as possible

It’s a crime to be what is considered tied down

It’s a crime to get serious

Take love seriously

It’s a crime for love to be more than an abused word

I always heard her say I love you

Only to find out those words meant nothing

It has become just another phrase

One that ripped my chest out

Spilling my emotions into a cell

A word, a crime, left me confined by my mind

My mind considers me a criminal

For looking for love

For working for love

Instead of buying love

Instead of stealing love

For still believing in love

Even though the love may never be

The love for one person has left me as that

I’m one person because of love

I’m locked away

I’m all alone

There’s not much to do alone


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