GET OUT! (last needle)

You fell on the floor and I picked you up

Looked into my eyes and then threw up

On my shirt, on my pants, on my shoes, where I stand

I’m your lover, I’m your man, I’m your best friend


You drink too much

But I can’t get enough of you, you fill me up

Like a drug that I pump through a vain of lust

I insert you, I thrust, you moan, we bust

I listen to you cuss as you fuss on mistrust

I want to call you a BITCH! But I love the way you touch

You’re the hands on my nuts, alcohol on my lips

The tongue in my kiss, the pain in my fist

The saliva on my dick, the cough when I’m sick

The one who was quick to drop them draws when I’m pissed

The pussy in my lick, the bong that I hit

That one special chick whose bullshit I put up with

Angry fuck always drunk with a tasty cunt

Smoking blunts, you were the only girl that I’d smoke with

Hopeless, I was stuck on romance; I was caught up in a trance

If I wasn’t in your pants I was looking for that ass

As it was the same for you

More obsessive than I even knew

You were jealous, restless, hopeless and quote this

Remember you saying you’d kill any Bitch that I noticed

You didn’t want me walking with a wandering eye

But you the one who said you want to fuck my guy

Coming home crying cause you thinking that I’m cheating

Knowing all along that you’re the only pie that I’m eating

But I question if I’m the only guy that you’re feeding

When it was you who was misleading

About your whereabouts in the evening

Doing all this pleading when I’m feeling like you’re leaving

If you want to go then FUCK IT! GET OUT! And stop deceiving

Cause I’m reading you like a book that I love but hate to look at

You’re filled with all these nasty facts

Liar, cheater, love that lacks

But once you’re sitting in my lap

I tend to turn these pages back

Unsure if I want this to be over

Pulling back these icy shoulders

Question if I love or loathe her

Would this or loneliness be colder

But if she falls I tend to catch her

Try to fix everything that’s tattered

Re-flavor this bitter batter

And try to move things up the ladder

Cause we we’re both caught in a nexus

Want to leave but it won’t let us

Addiction begged us to pursue

Even though getting out was long overdue

And you

May or may not love me

But the pain still lingers above me

Pointing to one fact, one truth


Cause the addiction is over

You don’t control me like before

It’s evident even more

That you’re nothing but a whore

And the stored hate

Will finally get out

I don’t care if you’re crying

Cause I’m screaming

Cause I shout

Cause everything you’ve been about

Is lies and nothing less

And I wish you had confessed

Instead of showing me your breast

I’m tired of all your stunts

I knew that I had enough

When you walked out a friend’s room

While he was zipping up

And you were drunk

And you were this

And you were that

And it’s all crap

And I’ll deal with him later

For stabbing me in the back

And I can’t believe I trusted you

But I did

Lied about being pregnant

Now I wonder how you can live

Knowing you killed your own kid

You’re nothing but a trick

You make me ill

You make me sick

And stop calling me for dick

I’m tired of all your fucking shit

There’s no more love in this syringe

No romantic intentions

And I’m not saying this again

There’s no more us, this is the END!


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