Nothing to lose

I’ve got nothing to lose

From the things in life we choose

After all the cost and dues

I’ve got nothing to lose

I have everything to gain

Blood, pleasure and pain

Hoping that someone

Remembers my name

I’ve been through the rocky realm

Know as life’s reality

Getting kicked in the face

As things come back to me

Sadly my mind isn’t all quit there

Smoked it up as time faded up in the air

Stares are the only things I get now a days

Perceived as another lost soul with rage

Raids that come from police too often

Only chance, pick up a gat, and off them

It’s all too grim and the lights don’t shine

Funny how living in the darkness

Will make you blind

lines are drawn on the street every week

Simple because some can’t control their own heat

Don’t blink

You could lose you life in a flash

Sometimes over smut

We sell to get cash

Don’t get smashed by the walls closing in

Break through

By not giving in to sin


Unlike so many losers have done

Come on

Pick up a book

Instead of picking up s gun

Don’t run

Walk with life’s problems

Don’t feel weird, because everybody has them

Alcohol and rum

Won’t equal answers and solutions

You can’t dream with drug influenced illusions

The rule is that none truly exist

But you have to have standards that don’t fall in the mist

Lips can get you much farther than knuckles

Don’t beat yourself into an unwanted hustle

Struggle, because we all have to

Don’t pull the trigger over dumb things some do

It’s true, I’m nothing more than a fool

Look at me now, grown without a home

All alone where obsession has left me

Keep me tucked inside all empty

That’s the life I came to choose

Look at me now

I’ve got nothing to lose


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