I remember what the pain felt like

All the lonely nights wishing I could be next to you

I remember all the things she used to whisper

I told her life’s a splinter waiting to get pulled

I remember her standing in the doorway

Telling me to go away, I don’t need this drama

I remember her mama always staring at me funny

Saying you don’t need this dummy, you can do better honey

I remember her father trying to punk me

I you want to cut me cause I make dirty money

I remember him ugly lying below my bloody knuckles

I was screaming, nigga fuck you! want to cut me I’m gonna cut you!

I remember the cops slamming me on the street

Shoved in the back seat, you have the right to remain silent

I remember all the violence, walking to the holding cell

Knowing I would go to jail for doing something stupid

I remember the fat guard yelling move it

Listen to me stupid shit, you just made bail

I remember asking her, baby why’d you do it?

She said that I knew it, that this only proved it

Because it was the truth, I kissed and held her near me

Because I love her dearly and I remember that she loves me

I remember when she loved me


I remember her

Her hug and her kiss

The taste of her lips

The way she moved her hips

I remember her

The warmth from her chest

Her sweet vanilla scent

The softness of her neck

I remember her

Working to her best

To get through the heavy stress

Cleaning hers and my mess

I remember her

A porcelain picture of perfection

Who loved me without question

For my faults and defections

I remember her

My love my dear

I remember her

My love my sweet


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