Murderous thoughts

Flowing through my veins

My brain draws death cards

And plays deadly games

Contained by a cage

Of bones and cells of flesh

Organs altered

Turned upside down and made a mess

Depressing heart beating blows

Against my feeble wounded skins

Staggering against

The cold sanded force of sin

Which begins to remove the excess

Of blood and flesh

Giving birth to a bird

From my wounds spill

The bloody redness of vulgar words

Combined with waste

Sediment stew

Forming a dust of life


A germ of devastation

Crippling destruction

To grow

Had grew

Irritating itch

Invoking a spew

Of liquid life need fuel

Life from an ended life

Resulted the duel

Left behind a bit of steel

Punctured in a chest to rest


Mind filled by thoughts


Sickening emotions

And meaningless

Who will open it?

BY Oscar Torres Leon

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