THE INDIVIDUAL What does the individual mean to the world, to you? Tell me, what does the individual Mean to the individual, Can you tell me that? I remember a man Who used to walk around his neighborhood, Smoking a pipe, Carrying two loaded guns with extra clips And lips that never move, This man... Continue Reading →


The New Guard He felt an odd sensation come over him as he walked in. Something like swimming in the sea alone. Welcome. My name is Gary Peirce. I am the head guard here, I'll be showing you the ropes today. He extends his arm towards Joseph. How do you know I'm the new guard?... Continue Reading →


I am a poet A killer of minds A hopeless loser I have done deeds That I'm not proud of in the least Yet I have no regrets I have stabbed men Tortured them Left them lingering Inches from death Yet I have no regrets I have stabbed myself Beaten myself Tried to kill myself On... Continue Reading →


It Started when I was five That's when I had the first nightmare I found myself in darkness It felt like I was in another world I walked towards a figure in the distance When I finally got closer I cloud see that it was a girl She was wearing a white dress And then... Continue Reading →

The Whispering Devils (nightmares)

They come for me at night Eyes closed Eyes closed I enter the darkness Eyes open Can't move I can see everything around me Eyes closed There are sets of red glow everywhere They're getting closer Which ones will show their faces this time Eyes open They're here One standing in the doorway Another against... Continue Reading →

NEVERLAND (the lost dream)

The first time I was there I walked slowly Across the pebble pathway The wind carried a wonderful warm scent of vanilla Raising my head to breathe it in Gazing at the sky The sky a deep orange behind lavender clouds At the end of the pathway sits a house Surrounded by vibrant plants and... Continue Reading →


I love you Lord, and I pray Surprised I can still breathe another day I know I've lived a crazy thuggish life And I trying to get away I'm trying Lord, that's what I have to say Lord there have been many times I've come to you And Lord I know you sigh for the... Continue Reading →

These Hands

These hands These hands are but tools A means to an end For others At times they are weapons Better know for destruction And the evil deeds they've taken part in But These hands can do other things These hands can create Craft and build These hands can guide and assist Give care and protect... Continue Reading →


Do you cry when you're alone? Do you whimper to the sound Of another's voice Pounding fear into your mind Grinding thoughts together Into a dark festival of failures and mishaps Perhaps it's the torment Of the thing that voice belongs to Which places you under a frozen status Of helplessness Crippling you to where... Continue Reading →

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